HydraFiber Solutions

The Ultimate Growing Media Substrate

A proven engineered substrate provides growers with a reliable, high-quality solution.

The Benefits

Why use HydraFiber?

The most progressive growers in the country have switched to HydraFiber because of its many advantages:


  • 10% to up to 36.6% more available water to every plant due to fiber surface area up to seven times greater than peat
  • Better air space and greater moisture availability lead to better root establishment and faster rooting
  • No expansion with water needed
  • Blends easily with other mix components
  • Delivers more efficient storage per cubic yard of material than peat, bark, perlite, coir or vermiculite
  • Locked-in contract pricing available
  • Available unfrozen and ready to use when you want it
The Equipment

HydraFiber Ultra Processing Equipment

HydraFiber Expander (HE) Unit

Best for growers with one to two planting lines

HydraFiber Processing Unit (HPU)

Best for regional blenders and growers

Extra Wide HydraFiber Processing Unit

Large-volume custom unit available on request; Best for high-capacity blenders and growers

“We are thrilled to bring HydraFiber to Australia so growers can begin to experience all the benefits, from reduced operational costs to impressive plant health,”

Jennifer Neujahr

Director of Business Development for HydraFiber