Demtec Evo2 Potting Machine

Category:Pot/Tray Filling


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The Evo² is the standard machine for everyone working with pots from 6 up to 27 cm.
The machine is extremely easily adjustable and is equipped with a full automatic soil dosing system.
The wide potting ring offers enough room for pots up to 27 cm.
For the tree nursery the machine has a soil hatch that releases substrate on a rotating central disc.
A pouring edge can be made, which is ideal for mulching with, for instance, bark.
The large soil buffer can be enlarged up to 3 m³.
The Evo² can be used as both stationary and mobile installation: the potting machine is easily transportable thanks to the pneumatic tyres.


Capacity [pots/hour]:1,200 - 4,200
Pot sizes [cm]:Ø 6 - 27cm
No. pot supports:16
Contents hopper:2 m³


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