Demtec KV98 Tray Filler

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The KV 98 is a standard amongst tray fillers.
It has excellent filling characteristics for both small volumes (seeding and cutting trays) and the larger volumes (trays with limited number of cells or open containers).
The soil supply capacity allows to fill everything at a very high speed.
A height-adjustable powered brush provides the required finish.
Its very tolerant soil recuperation is unique: no spilled soil remains behind the machine and it perfect fits into a tray filling line.
Moreover, the concept allows to fill containers that often are not workable in a standard potting machine.
Ever since its introduction, this topper has been used in the tree and vegetable sector, strawberry cultivation and in full-automatic seeding lines.


Capacity (trays/hour):1 000
Max. tray height:21 cm
Max. tray width:45 cm
Contents hopper (liter):600


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