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De Powerfogger TB10 combines a large fog capacity with a qualitative droplet size (Measurement report available). The complete greenhouse can be filled with small droplets within a short period of time to get an uniform coverage of fog for the best results. The completely automated controls make the Powerfogger TB10 easy to use and make a preventative treatment the new standard. With the Powerfogger TB10 you can save on a considerate amount of spraying hours with just one push of the button.

This machine is most frequently used in Horticulture.

– Stainless steel frame on wheels
– Control panel with LOGO! plc for setting:

– Postponed starting time
– Rinsing cycle
– Pre-ventilation and post-ventilation

– Ventilator 50 cm
– Automatic shut down with fluid sensor
– Automatic rinsing system whilst and after fogging
– Vacuum pump of 400 V, 1,5 kW-16 amp

Gas spring to make the ventilator adjustable in height. Adjustable to up to 2,7 meters.

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