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The Powerfogger TB60 Double combines big fog capacity with quality droplet size (measurement report available). This electrical ULV fogger can treat 2 hectares in 2 hours, giving the complete greenhouse a uniform fog with great results. The completely automated controls make working with the Powerfogger TB60 Double easy and will help you to prevent an outbreak of any unwanted pests in your greenhouse. With the Powerfogger TB60 Double you can cut down hours and hours of spraying by simply pushing a button.


– Fully automatic fogging machine
– Suited for 2 hectares
– Stirring device in tank
– Automatic rinsing systems, 18 litres
– Automatic pre-ventilation and post-ventilation
– Control panel with adjustable timers
– Mobile unit, but not during fogging
– Available in different power set-ups (208v, 220v, 230v, 380v, 400v / 50Hz or 60Hz)
– Also available with a single fan / single nozzle for use in smaller areas


30 litres/hr
2 x 50m
28 micron
60 litres
400v, 20A

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