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EazyCut 1201/1601 Hand Held Trimming Machine

– Wider cutting system and perfect collecting. Easy to use by 2 or 3 persons
– Large versions (up to 160 cm) for optimal labour saving
– Easy to use by hand by 2 or 3 persons, very high productivity
– Frame integrated solutions possible for the maximized efficiency

If you are looking for cost effective, perfect shrub trimming results and 100% collection of the cuttings, there is no better solution. The EazyCut 1201/1601 is also suitable as a bush trimmer.

Wide-cut trimming system (120 and 160 cm wide) with integrated blowing system for collection of trimmings. Un-matched trimming quality, self-sharpening knives. Low weight (13 – 14 kg). Powerful and reliable 41 cc 2-stroke engine ( Zenoah-Komatsu).

Easy maintenance and affordable price. Optimal solution for plant/flower trimming/harvesting. Hand-held (2 or 3 persons) or frame integrated (1 person control!).

Suitable for:
– Handheld
– Mobile floor
– Mobile table
– Stationary Table Trimmers
– Trimming systems for nurseries
– Trimming systems for young plants
– Collection of cuttings for propagation
– Herb harvesting solutions


Motor Type:Zenoah - Komatsu
Cubic Capacity:41 cc
Blade Type:Hardened steel, self sharpening
Tooth Pitch:30 mm
Cutting Length:1210mm (EC1201) or 1610mm (EC1601)
Total Length:1500mm (EC1201) or 1900mm (EC1601)
Dry Weight:13kg (EC1201) or 14kg (EC1601)


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