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EazyCut 400 Handheld trimming machine

– Lightweight and perfect cutting / collecting. Can be used by one person.
– Perfect cutting quality (possibility of re-use of the cuttings for young plant production)
– Low weight & size, can be used by one person
– Strong ventilator which blows all the cuttings in the collection bag (easy collection, no need for clean-up)

The EazyCut 400 is the most compact model, and optimal suited for working on “middle height”, e.g. for hedge trimming.

Fine-cut trimmer (41 cm blade) with integrated blowing system for collection of trimmings. Can be used by one person. Perfect trimming quality, self-sharpening blades. Collection bag for trimming waste.

Ideal for hedge trimming and garden maintenance. Reliable two-stroke Mitsubishi engine (25 cc), total weight 7 kg. Can also be combined perfectly with the EazyLift Ergo harness! For working low to the ground a long, adjustable handle is available which makes it easy to work near the ground without effort!

Suitable for:
– Handheld trimming
– Trimming for young plants
– Collection of cuttings for propagation
– Herb harvesting solutions


Motor Type:Mitsubishi
Cubic Capacity:25 cc
Blade Type:Hardened steel, self sharpening
Tooth Pitch:30mm
Cutting Length:40mm
Total Length:660mm
Dry Weight:7kg


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