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EazyCut 600 Electric Trim Tray Machine

– Lowest cost trimming system for pots and trays
– Compact and easy to mount on a frame
– Compact system, easy to mount onto a frame
– Trimmings are blown (sideways) into a box
– Optional extra ventilator for transport of heavy trimmings

If you are looking for cost effective, perfect trimming results and 100% collection of the cuttings, there is no better solution.

This is the lowest cost system for trimming trays with collection of the cuttings. All cuttings are blown sideways, to be collected in a box. High quality trimming knife with a width of 51 cm.

Can be supplied as DIY-kit, or as complete system, build on Danish Card or in special made frame (with integrated belt). Variable control of knife speed (and transport belt). The pictures show the different possibilities.

The “pot & tray” trimmers are all equipped with a (belt) transport system for transporting your pots or trays under the trimming system. We offer you three different concepts, each with its own specific advantages. 

The EazyCut concept uses a blower to collect all the trimmings in a bag or box. The Venti system uses vacuum to “suck up” the cuttings, and the 2Trim system uses gravity to collect the trimmings in a box which is placed on the floor.

Suitable for:
– Belt integrated pot and tray
– Mobile table
– Stationary table trimmers
– Trimming systems for nurseries
– Trimming systems for young plants
– Collection of cuttings for propagation
– Herb harvesting solutions


Frame Type:Built to specification
Drive System:Electrical, 1-phase, 220 V, 0,75 kW (incl. belt)
Knife System:EazyCut 600, 54cm wide
Collection of Trimmings:Sideways (to collection box)
Trimming Height:Variable, min/max on specification
Options:Cost efficient transport belt


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