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EazyCut 600 Hand Held Trimmer

– Light & flexible trimming machine for every terrain with engine on backpack.
– Compact system to be carried on your back
– Honda GX35 4-Stroke Engine with CE handles
– Flexible tube to move freely around the field

If you are looking for cost effective, perfect trimming results and 100% collection of the cuttings, there is no better solution.

This is the lowest cost system for trimming trays with collection of the cuttings. All cuttings are blown into a collection bag. High quality trimming knife with a width of 51 cm.

The engine is mounted on a backpack frame so you are extremely mobile. The flexible hose gives you even more mobility which makes it easy to walk around uneven terrain.

Suitable for:
– Hand held
– Trimming systems for young plants
– Collection of cuttings for propagation
– Herb harvesting solutions


Drive System:Honda GX35 4-Takt Motor
Knife System:EazyCut 600, 54cm wide
Collection of Cuttings:Collection bag
Trimming Height:Flexible working height


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