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The ISO Cutting Planter 2500, a cutting-edge automatic planter from ISO, streamlines the labor-intensive process of plant cuttings. Its self-learning vision software facilitates rapid planting of various plant species, ensuring uniform depth for each cutting.
The user-friendly interface enables easy input of new plants, and its flexibility allows for diverse applications, accommodating trays or pots with different planting patterns. With the ability to handle various pot sizes, the machine optimises efficiency by planting each cutting immediately after picking, promising a seamless and adaptable planting process.

Advantages of the ISO Cutting Planter 2500

– Automatic planting of cuttings from a variety of crops
– Capacity of more than 2,800 cuttings per hour
– Automatic separation of cuttings
– Consistent, high quality and uniform planting depth
– Easy to operate, set up and train
– Suitable for loose soil, paper pots and peat moss
– Adjustable to your pots and trays
– Scalable for higher capacity


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