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The ISO Cutting and TransPlanter offers you the best of both worlds. Because lots of nurseries only stick in a specific season, ISO developed a machine that has the ability to transplant rooted plants besides the possibility of sticking cuttings. The ISO Cutting and TransPlanter has the ability to do both in one machine

Due to the interchangeable head it is possible to use the machine as transplanter after the cutting planting season.

Because the head is easily interchangeable, it is also possible to process plants of different sizes and different tray and pot sizes. For instance, in consultation with ISO, it is possible to design one or more heads with 1, 2 or multiple grippers, which, depending on plant and pot size, can ensure the right plant handling and speed. In this way,  the machine can be used for a longer time, in multiple seasons and for multiple plant varieties.

Advantages of the ISO Cutting & TransPlanter

– Double function which makes it possible to use the machine in multiple seasons
– Constant high quality of planted cuttings
– Exchangeable gripper with multiple varieties of cuttings can be sticked
– Multiple rooted cuttings can be transplanted
– Uniformity in planting depth
– Easy learning of new species
– Flexible use for different media (soil and plugs)
– Flexible use for different carriers (pots and trays)
– Programming option for various planting patterns
– Improved working conditions
– Easy to operate
– Scalable for higher capacities
– One operator can operate seven machines
– High reliability
– Low maintenance costs

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