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The ISO High Speed Grafter can be called a true revolution in grafting. Where human hands and decisions were previously needed, this process is now fully automated. Operated by just one person, the machine can deliver up to 4,000 plants per hour, all of consistent, high quality.

The rootstocks and scions are automatically fed into the machine. Vision AI technology ensures careful selection; cameras inspect the plants for size, height, and broken stems. Only the selected plants proceed and are simultaneously cut and joined with a lightweight clip. The grafted plants are then scanned again for grafting quality. Where people used to handle all these tasks, AI and robots now take over, resulting in much higher quality finishing and stronger plants.

Advantages of the ISO High Speed Grafter

– Automatic grafting of various crops
– Capacity of 4,000 grafted plants per hour
– Operated by just one person
– Consistent and high-quality grafted plants
– Automatic selection by Vision AI software
– Significant labor savings
– Higher yield


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