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The turntable is the ideal tool for simple buffering and manual processing of products. When your system packs both by machine and by hand, turntables are desirable for short interim storage of products that have already been packed before they are packed in boxes or on pallets. Turntables are used wherever smooth further transport of the packaged goods is important, for example within packaging lines. The round plate is rotatably mounted and is driven by a motor. Roller conveyors or conveyor belts can be attached to the turntablesbe mounted. Turntables can also be used as a link between intersecting conveyors or for loading and unloading different goods. And by using different side guide elements, turntables can also be used as storage or sorting devices. There are sorting systems for a wide variety of products, because each product has different sorting criteria.

We produce various turntables. The tables are variable in speed and equipped with a Foodgrade plastic PE or stainless steel turntable in different diameters.

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