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Our large recipe blending systems utilize direct drive motors and gear boxes, which means no chains or sprockets to maintain. The conveyor belts ride on roller frames to ensure longevity, and components that come in contact with fertilizer and mix are stainless steel. Multiple formulas can be run simultaneously through the use of our recipe blending computer, enabling different mix formulas to be delivered automatically to specific destinations. Delivery conveyors are custom built to suit the layout of the facility and the existing equipment.

– Optional computer controlled recipes
– Direct-drive inverter duty motors
– Control system designed for integration with peat bale processors and multiple production lines
– Colour touch-screen operator interface panel

Soil Output:
– 36-120 yards per hour-per requirement

Bulk Hoppers:
– 70° Side walls for superior flow characteristics
– Rubber vulcanized head pulley
– Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction
– Low level sensors in each hopper
– Modular design for rapid order fulfillment and customization

Chemical Hoppers:
– Low level sensors in each hopper
– Stainless steel construction
– Double gear reduction for precise chemical ratios

Soil Mixing Conveyor:
– Rubber vulcanized head pulley
– Low-friction roller bed
– Integrates with soil processing attachment

Electrical Requirements:
– 208/230 VAC, 3 phase (standard)

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