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MiniJack makes pot transportation easy and efficient. Whether operating a small business, open-ground or tight greenhouse, the MiniJack is an all-round solution. The motorisation of these transport forks makes it possible to move up to 150 pots per trip.

At the push of a button, the fork is able to lift up to 150kg at any time. The MiniJack’s independently driven wheel base is controlled via the thumb steering system and makes pot transportation and placement effortless.
MiniJack’s versatility allows it to be used on and in a wide range of surfaces and weather conditions. The MiniJack has adjustable forks that allows the transport and handling of any form or size of pot / tray.


Transporting Capacity150 pots/trip
Lifting Weight150 kg
Bed Width90-180 cm
Transport Width90-180 cm
Transport Height100 cm
Weight of Forks10-25 kg
Weight of MiniJack160 kg


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