TS-192 Seedling Tray



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This is another square tray with smaller cells suitable for seedlings, plantlets ex tissue culture etc. The tray is robust well suited to automatic nursery systems including de-stacking, filling, seed sowing and automatic planting. The tray has oblong cell form that was originally designed for processing large numbers of field grown tomatoes for the canning industry. This unique feature allows the tray to supply plants in two different planting machines. In one direction the tray has 12 rows of cells. Theses align with the 12 rows of cells in the 144 Cell tray. If the 192 tray is turned 90 degrees, the cell count is 16 cells across enabling the same tray to be used in the tray feeding cassettes of the 256 tray. The 192-cell tray is an excellent tray for vegetable seedlings that grow best at a density of 1200 plants per square metre in the nursery areas. These seedlings could be less expensive to purchase compared to those raised in 144 cell trays.


Tray Dimensions:397 x 397 x 46 mm
Cell Dimensions:32 x 23 x 45 mm
Cell Volume:18 cc
Cells per m2:1217

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