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The SEMSF13 and SEMSF13-T seeders are pneumatically operated machines, suitable for any type of tray and represent an initial approach to the concept of automation of the greenhouse production process.

Similar to the SEMKAPPA65, the SEMSF13 models also represent an absolutely revolutionary production process compared to manual seeding, and are able to seed up to 1700 rows/hour which, in the case of 200-cells trays, translates into a production rate of 85 containers/hour.

Seeding is performed by a bar with nozzles which suctions the seed and deposits it in a precise and uniform way in the cells, row by row; in the same process, the hole is made in which the seed will be accurately inserted.

The SEMSF13 and SEMSF13-T are semi-automatic machines that operate with compressed air through a pneumatic system, working for single trays handled by the operator.
Excellent flexibility of use thanks to the easy seeding nozzle changeover, suitable for both small and large seeds.



  1. Seeding head with nozzles and dibbler.
  2. Movement of the seeding table with automatic step.
  3. Longitudinal tray advancement.
  4. Transversal tray advancement.


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