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The BETA65 and BETA65C Drum Seeding Lines are modular lines capable of sowing up to 800 containers per hour.  These lines are suitable for all types of trays: polystyrene, thermoformed and rigid injection-molded plastic.  Furthermore, depending on the use, a dedicated dispenser is available that allows the automatic insertion of empty containers in the line.

The filler of these lines guarantees excellent coverage uniformity for all the cells, with the possibility of adjusting the final density of the soil.  It also has an additional hopper for the automatic recovery of excess peat.
When the containers output from the tray filler, they first pass under a dibbler drum that allows the creation of a central and homogeneous hole for each cell in which the seed will then be placed. In the next phase, the seeds are positioned in the hole, in a precise and uniform manner, thanks to a dedicated sowing drum that picks them up and distributes them.
Here lies the remarkable flexibility of Urbinati machines: the incomparable suction power of the sowing drum allows it to work with all types of seeds, regardless of their shape and size.

The BETA seeding line can also be adapted to forest varieties and is capable of sowing large seeds, such as acorns, using a special rubber drum.
Lastly, the covering and watering unit complete the seeding cycle, while the stacking unit, with the balance stacker, sorts the newly seeded containers in orderly stacks to make it easier to extract or palletize them.
Each component of the machine is designed and built according to the customer’s needs, to improve the work of the operators, to reduce maintenance and speed up seed change operations.

  1. 2-movements pneumatic tray destacker for polystyrene trays.
  2. Hopper capacity 600 litres. Conveyor belt with rollers on hopper’s bottom.
  3. Double chain soil elevator, width 470 mm.
  4. Tray filler with 4 blades longitudinal rotor, with rotation reversing gear.
  5. Double auger spillway with motorized brush for tray cleaning.
  6. Recycling hopper for exceeding soil with auger.
  7. Dibbler drum with cleaning brush.
  8. Sowing drum with brass inserts: the inserts allow the creation of precise holes starting from 0.15 mm in diameter.
  9. Air bars with double row of nozzles and oscillating seed holding plate.
  10. Adjustable speed hammers to improve the singularization and positioning of the seed in the center of the hole.
  11. Control panel with 5.7” color touch-screen.
  12. Covering unit for vermiculite, with adjustable speed and dosage; capacity 170 litres.
  13. Watering unit with drilled bars modules: length 750 mm with 3 bars.
  14. Stacking unit, with balance stacker.
  15. Longitudinal tray advancement.
  • Paddles shaft agitator.
  • Quick self-centering guide adjustment system.
  • Available in left and right version.


HOURLY PRODUCTION (max)trays/hour800700700
TRAYS DIMENSIONS (max)mm600x400750x400750x500
POMPA A VUOTOmodelPVA 1300PVA 1300PVA 1300
AIR CONSUMPTION (max)l/min190190190
WATER CONSUMPTION AT 2 atm (max)l/min202020


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