Urbinati Big Bale Breaker

Category:Pot/Tray Filling


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The Urbinati Big Bale Breaker automatically breaks up big-bales of pressed media, to obtain a homogeneous and uniform soil ready for use.

The scraping system consists of steel teeth that work horizontally with respect to the travel direction of the big-bale.

The machine is controlled entirely by a PLC, with a function display screen. The control by inverter of the position of the bale elevator inside the machine is used to set and adjust the average travel speed of the bale and the minimum processing speed of the scraping unit.

It is equipped with an optical sensor for automatic control of the soil discharge level, and a second sensor, connected to an external acoustic signal, which notifies the operator when the bale level is low.

The machine is ideally used in a working line that requires high production volumes: it can be inserted to feed an intermediate soil accumulation hopper or to feed a tray filler.

It also allows the residual unused part of the bales to be stored directly inside, ensuring that it is kept at the correct level of humidity.


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