Urbinati CIMAC Automatic Trimmer with Reciprocating Blades



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The CIMAC Automatic Trimmer with double blade is recommended for trimming seedlings with semi-woody stems, such as some aromatic herbs (rosemary, bay leaves, etc.) or ornamental plants (roses, shrubs, etc.).

This machine is equipped with an automatic system to collect the cut part, both to ensure maximum efficiency of the machine during its use and for possible reuse of the waste, especially for aromatic herbs.

The trimming height and working speed of the blades are adjustable according to requirements; it’s equipped with a conveyor belt feed system, which allows it to be used as both stand-alone machines and as part of a working line.

All its parts can be inspected: this allows thorough cleaning after use and easy access to components in case of maintenance. CIMAC is also equipped with automatic locking devices allowing it to be used in complete safety by the operator.


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