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3-in-1 System: Watering, Covering + Stacking

TELCOBAIM is a machine to complete the seeding cycle and is extremely flexible in terms of composition.

The covering unit can distribute both vermiculite, perlite and granular compounds in general, and a wider variety of materials such as soil, sand, bark or similar. The working width and the quantities of product dispensed can be easily adjusted.

The watering unit is then used to convey water to the newly covered containers. It consists of one or more drilled bar modules and can be integrated or replaced by a module with triget nozzles. The quantity and position of the irrigation modules can be customised as required.

Lastly, the stacking unit, with the balance stacker, sorts the newly covered and watered containers into orderly stacks. It can create stacks of containers aligned with one other or staggered, as required.

Conveyor belt length, accessory spaces and additional kits available in a variety of solutions.

– Frame lengths (standard) L = 2200 / 3000 mm
– Fixed-speed conveyor belt, which can be equipped with electronic variator (adjustable speed from 1 to 10 m/min)
– Quick self-centring guide adjustment system
– A variety of solutions to integrate the machine with trays feeding belts, seed inspection belts or output accumulation belts
– Available in left and right version


Hourly Production (max.)700 containers/hr
Container Dimensions600x400 mm
Installed Power0.75 kW
Weight250 kg

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