Urbinati ESTREA Automatic Seedling Plug Popper Machine

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The ESTREA automatic plug depopper makes it so much easier to remove the seedling from the tray.

The depopper pins push from the bottom upwards directly onto the individual plants, eliminating friction with the sides of the container. The seedling is extracted with the plug intact, avoiding damage to the stem and roots. Once extracted, it can be more easily transplanted by hand into another container or used directly with automatic transplanters in the open field, as in the case of vegetables.

Extraction of the seedling from the cell during its development cycle also encourages the growth of a thick network of roots that will ensure the quality and health of the plant once transplanted.

The ESTREA electro-pneumatic plug depopper works continuously with any type of container, with a feed system on cross-bars and automatic positioning with respect to the plate.


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