Urbinati IA2500 – IA2400 Potting Machines

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The IA2500 and IA2400 Automatic Potting Machines are fast and precise machines, suitable for both small and large productions.

The adjustments are centralized, easy to set up and can manage both round and square pots, with a diameter ranging from 8 to 24 cm.

In the IA2500, the soil loading hopper is positioned behind the pot output carousel: this allows it to be fed easily without interrupting the work cycle.

For the IA2400, on the other hand, the loading hopper is positioned at the front: this makes the machine much more compact, without compromising its performance.

They can be used as stand-alone machines or integrated in a production line thanks to the pot output system on a conveyor belt.

– Hopper capacity (standard): 1100 litres for the IA2500 and 700 litres for the IA2400, including bulkhead
– Single head and pneumatic de-stacker for thermoformed or injection pot, both round and square (pots diam. 8 ÷ 24 cm)
– Fixed speed pot output belt with trays holder; standard length L = 3000mm
– Conveyor belt on hopper’s bottom with rollers
– Adjustable support feet
– Punch diam. 30mm and steel drills diam. 40 ÷ 90mm supplied


Hourly Production - double head (max.)3,500 pots/hr3,500 pots/hr
Hourly Production - single head (max.)2,400 pots/hr2,400 pots/hr
Hopper Capacity1,100 L700 L
Installed Power2 kW1.5 kW
Air Consumption135 l/min135 l/min
Working Height980 mm980 mm
Weight745 kg575 kg


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