Urbinati IA3500 Potting Machine

Category:Pot/Tray Filling


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IA3500 Automatic Potting Machine is the new-generation potting machine, completely electromechanical and manageable from a remote control panel, equipped with a color touch-screen, for maximum flexibility of use.
The machine is used to store the settings for each specific pot size used, thus reducing the changeover times from one pot size to another during production.
It is equipped with a 3-movements pot destacker with integrated “pot counter” function, which is used to program work for a set number of units, thus simplifying the operator’s work, where needed.
Output belt speed adjustable by PLC, as well as many other functions, which can be easily set from the remote control panel.
Automatic soil feeding system as standard supply, with recovery and recirculation of excess material. Supplied, metal drill diam. 40 mm with plate and pot output belt. L = 4000 mm.
Pot carousel available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.


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