Urbinati IM2800 – IM1800 Potting Machines

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The IM2800 and IM1800 Manual Potting Machines are machines suitable for the filling of large pots as well as for covering the stem of plants with highly developed root systems.

They have large capacity hoppers and a vibrating support surface to ensure uniform filling of the pots, thus avoiding the formation of air pockets. The conveyor belt on the hopper’s bottom runs at an adjustable speed, with an automatic recirculation system for excess material.

The soil discharge outlet has an adjustable inclination and can be single or double.  Moreover, the single outlet can also be equipped with a chute and a ground support base with vibrating motor: in this way large pots can be filled directly on the ground and be handled more easily by the operator.


Hopper Capacity1600L1100L
Soil Elevator Capacity (max.)160 l/min100 l/min
Pot Height (max.)350 mm300 mm
Installed Power2.5 kW1.5 kW
Weight900 kg360 kg


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