Urbinati LAV10 Tray Washer Standalone



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The LAV10 automatically washes and disinfects trays and containers in general, of various shapes and sizes.

Once positioned at the entrance to the machine, the containers advance inside it automatically, by means of the support belt that runs on the bottom. In the washing chamber, the containers containers are water sprayed by high pressure nozzles: it can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning and, if necessary, for replacement.

After washing with water, the containers can move through an additional treatment to eliminate any pathogenic factors: they can be treated with chemicals, suitably diluted, or with UV lamps, capable of eliminating photosensitive bacteria. In both cases, all that is required is integration of the standard model with the treatment tunnel.

Additionally, when connected to an input feed belt and an output accumulation belt, the tray-washer can be transformed into a complete and autonomous WASHING LINE, with great results in terms of production and efficiency.


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