Urbinati NPR Automatic Dibbling Machine with Rotating Pins



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The NPR automatic dibbling machine with rotating pins follows the practicality of the dibbling machine with pins NI and improves its function giving compactness to the internal soil holes.

In fact, the circular motion of its pins allows to get a better soil compaction, in a more effective and homogeneous way. The result is excellent, with uniform and compact soil holes, that hardly crumble during next handling.

The plate with pins is custom made, according to customer’s needs, up to a maximum of 98 pins each plate with minimum pins center distance of 42 mm, for 600 x 400 mm containers. Maximum dibbling depth of 60 mm, adjustable through a practical crank.

Thanks to its conveyor belt system, the NPR can also be used as a single machine or fitted in a working line, with fixed (standard) or variable (accessory) advancement speed belt.


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