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NEW to the range of Urbinati soil fillers is this high-performance machine.

The RGV is the automatic filler for pots, trays and packs.  The core of this machine is the soil elevator as its large size allows processing of a huge flow of soil, while the double chain of the elevation system, sturdy and galvanized, minimizes maintenance operations over time, preserving and achieving higher machine efficiency.

With a flow rate up to 400 litres/minute, the RGV allows you to quickly and uniformly fill containers up to 450 mm in height, and to set density and final compaction of the soil inside them.  tThis is thanks to the longitudinal rotor drop system made up by 4 blades.

Electromechanical machine operation, with the possibility of installing a PLC for complete remote management.

The RGV filler also has an efficient system for recovering the excess soil that allows it to be put back into circulation for over 80%; this feature, combined with the large hourly production and the reduced maintenance required, make this machine a guarantee in terms of optimization of time and resources.

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