Urbinati SEMPOT Pneumatic Pot Seeder



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The SEMPOT pneumatic pot seeder allows to sow quickly pots up to 14 cm diameter.

The seeds are taken from the nozzle bar and released inside the descent tubes that guide their fall to the pot according to the configuration chosen: precision sowing, if distributed with up & down system, or spread sowing, if dropped from above.

It is an electro-pneumatic machine, equipped with a photocell and a pot blocking device to ensure a correct sowing. Ideal for small and medium sized seeds, especially for aromatic herbs.

The SEMPOT seeder can be used both as a single machine, combined with NTA aluminum conveyor belts, or integrated into an existing work line.


Hourly Production:1500 pots/hour
Pots Diameter:9-14 cm
Nozzles Kit:11 n
Installed Power:0.2 kW
Air Consumption:100 l/min
Weight:60 kg


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