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The SEMVOL volumetric seeder allows the volume sowing of pots in pot-trays.

Ideal for medium-large seeds such as those of some varieties of ornamental plants (e.g. palms), vegetables (e.g. peas, beans) and aromatic (e.g. coriander).
The seeding kit is always designed and made to measure, according to the container characteristics as well as according to the product volume to be dispensed for each individual pot.

For this reason, the SEMVOL can also be used as a precision covering unit: thanks to the customized kits, the machine is able to cover the pots surface evenly and without waste, with the desired and predetermined vermiculite or similar granulates quantity.

Frame length L = 1300 mm and electronically adjustable speed conveyor belt. Height adjustable hopper.

Machine equipped with PLC and controlled through the integrated 5.7 “touch screen panel.

The SEMVOL volumetric seeder can be used both as a single machine and integrated into a working line.


Hourly Production:1500 rows/hour
Containers Width:350 mm
Hopper Capacity:55L
Belt Length:1300 mm
Belt Width:600 mm
Installed Power:1 kW
Air Consumption:40 l/min
Weight:185 kg


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