Urbinati Soil Hoppers TR2800 – TR1800

Category:Pot/Tray Filling


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The TR2800 and TR1800 are soil accumulating and loading hoppers, whose main function is to feed the hoppers of other machines used for filling in a working line, such as potting machines, soil mixers or tray fillers.

Their use ensures continuity of production which can thus be managed in the most efficient way. They can also be used as covering material dispenser such as vermiculite, coconut fiber’s or similar granulates.

The hoppers capacity ranges from 1100 liters (TR1800 standard) to 1800 liters (TR1800 equipped with hopper extension), with the possibility of manually managing the soil flow or using level probes that automatically detect its presence.

Conveyor belt on the hopper’s bottom with adjustable speed, to ensure a homogeneous flow.

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