Urbinati Soil Mixer MC2120 – MC1120

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MC2120 and MC1120 soil mixers, for greenhouses and nurseries: our mixers are used to combine the different components for perfect, evenly mixed soil.

The excellent combination of the two rotor spirals, the core of these machines, ensures a top-quality final mixture, even when components with very different mechanical characteristics are used, such as peat, soil, sand, bark, fertilizer, vermiculite, perlite, clay, water, etc.

Using automated machines to prepare the mixture results in significant time savings, with the consequent reduction of production costs.

Thanks to the built-in discharge belt, the mixers can be used as a feed hopper for another filling machine.

– Sliding loading door, load or discharge side
– Rotor with double steel high resistance spiral
– Discharge with manual or automatic system with level sensor
– Humidification system, manual or automatic use with timer
– Fast lubrication system


Hopper Capacity (max.)2,100 L1,150 L
Cycle Capacity1,900 L900 L
Rotor Diameter1,000 mm800 mm
Rotor Speed22 rpm23 rpm
Watering System Capacity120 l/min86 l/min
Installed Power10 kW4.8 kW
Weight1,350 kg900 kg


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