Martin Stolze Roller Conveyor – Roller 50

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Martin Stolze Roller conveyor – Roller 50

Lightweight and maintenance-free transportation at low cost. For buffering and for smooth transportation of products roller conveyors can be an optimal solution. Martin Stolze b.v. produces lightweight and maintenance-free roller conveyors. As production takes place in Martin Stolze
own facility the roller conveyors can be manufactured completely according to your specifications. Roller conveyors are kept in stock by Martin Stolze as well in lengths of 3 meters and pitches of 62.5mm, 83.3mm, 100mm and 125mm.

Martin Stolze Roller conveyor – roller 50

Roller conveyors with roller 30 are standard available with pitch:

  •  32,5mm
  •  35mm
  •  40mm
  •  45mm

With these standard dimensions:

1.000 x 400mm 1.000 x 500mm
2.000 x 400mm 2.000 x 500mm
3.000 x 400mm 3.000 x 500mm
4.000 x 400mm 4.000 x 500mm
5.000 x 400mm 5.000 x 500mm
6.000 x 400mm 6.000 x 500mm

Various other sizes on request!

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