TEA RAP-XRL Ball Trimmer

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TEA RAP-XRL Ball Trimmer

The Hamilton TEA RAP-XRL Ball Trimmer is constructed using a rigid, long lasting aluminium extrusion frame, with clear polycarbonate safety guards. It works by loading pots onto the entry conveyor of the trimming machine, which are automatically fed onto the cutter conveyor at the optimum spacing. They then pass under the cutter deck where the pots are clamped and the plants are trimmed by the cutter which rotates around the foliage. Debris falls through to the underside of the machine and the pot is delivered to the exit conveyor (that automatically pauses if full).

The cutter curvature, height, and rotational speed are all adjustable and the potholder automatically adjusts for different sizes of pots. The belt speeds are individually adjustable and the cutter deck can be set to rotate twice around each pot if required.

With standard 5 x 80 mm cutter blades, the foliage diameter can be adjusted between 120 and 360 mm. The plant height is set by a motorised drive to lower or raise the cutter deck up to a maximum of 620 mm (from the base of the pot to the top of the foliage). The automatic potholders accommodate pots from 9 cm to 28 cm diameter.

Supplied with large pneumatic wheels, the TEA RAP-XRL Ball Trimmer can effortlessly be moved around the nursery. The entry and exit conveyors can be hinged upwards to make transport even easier. This machine only requires a domestic single-phase electrical supply. Automatic safety guards are fitted that shut the machine down if opened. A remote control panel comes as a standard feature, so it can be controlled from either end. A lockable storage box is also provided for tools and extra blades.

Techncial Specifications

  • Automatic spacing on conveyor
  • Pots clamped for security
  • Automatic pot holder adjustment for different pot sizes
  • Works with plant diameters 120mm – 360 mm
  • Works with pots up to 620mm high (pot + plant height)
  • For pot diameters 9 – 28 cm
  • Mobile machine
  • Single phase 230 v, 50 Hz
  • Variable speed conveyor, cut rotational speed and height adjustment

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