Urbinati Manual Packing lines

Urbinati Manual Packing lines

Transplant Systems help design efficient manual packing lines.

Using multi-level conveyor systems, sensors and workstations, container grown tree seedlings, still in the growing tray are put through an Automatic Plug Popper, making them easy to extract from the tray.

Automatic delivery to the workstation by a conveyor gives the packer a continuous supply of seedlings. Each workstation has a sensor ensuring a new tray of tree seedlings is delivered when one is removed.

The seedlings are removed from the tray and manually graded, placing qualifying seedlings into a box. Rubbish is removed automatically to a collection bin, using the lower conveyor.

The midlevel conveyor takes the packed boxes of tree seedlings to the accumulation area, for loading into pods to be dispatched to the forest.

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    Urbinati Manual Packing lines