Transputki Planting Tube

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Transputki Planting Tube

The genuine Transputiki Planting Tube makes planting tree seedlings easy. With the ergonomically designed Transputki planting tube a range of planting depths can be easily selected to suit the depth of the seedling rootball. The Transputki has been designed to make it easier, faster and less expensive to plant container raised seedlings into prepared planting sites. Planting output per person is significantly improved as there is no bending or back strain.

The Transputki Planting tube is a fantastic planting tool for all landscape and reforestation planting projects and can also be used for bulb planting. Planting depth can vary from 80mm – 180 mm and can easily be adjusted with a spanner to set the  depth limiter to the required height. Kidney-shaped seedling-carrying boxes with shoulder harnesses are recommended when purchasing the Transputki. Alternative harnesses are available designed to attach to seedling growing trays making it easy to carry tray lots of seedlings during the Transputki planting process.


  • Double harness for carrying up to four trays (TS-45F) – 180 seedlings
  • The Transputki hip belt tray carrier maximises efforts by allowing any tray to be carried with up to four Hiko trays or two TS side slot cell trays.
  • Large kidney shaped blue seedling carrying box

The robust steel jaw was formed to prolong the life of the tool. Its construction was designed to reduce chance of the jaw tips digging into hard pan yet allowing deep planting in well cultivated planting positions. The tubes are practically maintenance free – it is simply recommended the jaw opening function is checked before starting a new planting season.

Sizes Available

(Please note the diameter of a fully opened jaw should not exceed the internal diameter of the tube)

Model Inner diameter Planting depths
Transputki  #5 53 mm 80-100 mm
Transputki #6 61 mm 80-100 mm
Transputki #7 73 mm 80-100 mm

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