Wanjet F24 Fogging Machine

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Wanjet F24

The Wanjet F24 is designed for the disinfection of large areas up to 1400m2. This unit is specifically designed for use in food processing, stock buildings and livestock, but can be used for adding humidity to cold rooms or hothouses. The unit runs unattended for up to 12 hours, reducing labour time as it is only necessary to be present when filling the tank and starting the unit. It also minimises personal exposure to chemicals.

High capacity

With the specially designed intake, air guides and conical front, a very powerful air stream has been achieved.

High reliability

All components in contact with chemicals are made of polythene and stainless steel. The chassis is zinc- plated to prevent rusting. Specifically designed parts, ensure the machine is easy to clean.

Working principles

The unit works with the ULV/LV principles. (ULV=Ultra Low Volume, LV=Low Volume). The small size of aerosol droplets means that coverage of the target area is achieved with a lower volume of liquid than with conventional methods. This allows the volume of carrier to be reduced. The small droplets fall very slowly and so they’re distributed evenly in the area by forced air circulation.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 0-30 L/h
Control unit 12 h timer
Reach 60 m
Tank capacity 60 L
Voltage 220-240 VAC
Fan capacity 5400 m3/h
Fan motor power 370 W
Blower power 1000 W
Dimensions 130x70x165 cm
Weight 41 kg


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