Bumnong 32 Seedling Tray

Bumnong 32 cell Seedling Tray

The 32 cell seedling growing tray is available with a large cell volume of 150cc. External tray dimensions = 540mm x 280 mm.

All seedling trays are available in standard black or for special order when possible, two tone black and white as well as copper-coated and silver-coated.

Silver-coated trays

These trays are coated with silver nano of 99.9% purity. The silver coating on the tray is designed to increase the amount of light, via reflection, that reaches the backside of the leaf thus maximising the photosynthesis within a short period of time from germination to the unfolding of the foliage leaf. The surface temperature on the silver tray is 5-7 degrees lower than with black trays and therefore this will reduce stress on the surrounding root. By lowering the air humidity that surrounds the plant, it should also decrease the possibility of diseases. Silver trays will inhibit pests such as aphids, mites, moths and flies from resting on the back of leaves during the initial stage of rearing of the seedling as well as preventing the formation of bacteria propagated by fungal spores and bacterial strains.

Copper-coated trays

The presence of a copper coating on the plug tray results in the inhibition of cell division at the root apex and produces an inhibitory effect on root elongation at the root/container wall interface. This creates an abundance of higher order laterals and their growth is, in turn, stopped at the container wall, resulting in a root system with many branched roots within the plug. Once these seedlings are transplanted, root tips resume growth, producing a more branched root system, with more roots in the top section, better able to exploit water and nutrient resources and with better seedling stability (Ruehle, 1985; Smith and McCubbin, 1992; Struve et al., 1994).

External tray dimensions = 540 mm x 280 mm,
Tray made from 1.2 mm thick material
100 trays per carton

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