Flat Pack Open Trays

Flat Pack Open Trays

The simple and function design of these Flat Pack Open Trays means they are suitable for multiple purposes, including storing and raising bulbs and as transport trays for biodegradable containers. They were first produced for holding expanded sets of biodegradable paper pots (in the set sizes of 60cm x 40 cm) and are still suitable for that purpose.

The trays are injection moulded from high quality polypropylene and have an open grid base. This provides excellent air pruning of bottom root systems from containers or plants raised in the open area of the tray. Drainage is excellent if the trays are benched correctly (i.e. placed upon supports positioned 1/3rd from each end of the tray or on a flat grid surface). The sides of the tray can be unclipped and lowered, flattening their surface and allowing for easy cleaning, washing and storage. As the trays are not rigid, they should be lifted with the hands positioned along the long side length only.

The trays can be manually assembled – the sides can be folded and connected to the end panels engaging with an end panel hook. For large numbers of trays this assembly process can be mechanised.

The trays are available in three heights of 5 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm. The base measurement is 60 x 40 cm. Standard colour is black using carbon black as UV additive for an extended life.

Flat Pack Open Trays are made to order with a minimum order of 2000 trays.

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    Flat Pack Open Trays
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