TS-192 Seedling Tray

TS-192 Seedling Tray

Made in Australia from virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) resin with UV protection, this square propagation tray has an oblong cell form that was originally designed for processing through two different automatic planting machines. In one direction the tray has 12 rows of cells. These align with the 12 rows of cells in the TS-144 cell tray so the tray can be used in the TS 144 automatic planting machine. If the tray is turned 90 degrees, the cell count is 16 cells across, enabling the same tray to be used in the TS-256 automatic planting machine.

The TS-192 cell tray is an excellent tray for vegetable seedlings that grow best at a density of 1200 plants per m2 in the nursery areas. Suitable seedlings are tomato for the processing industry, celery and most brassicas. These seedlings could be less expensive to purchase compare with those raised in TS-144 cell seedling trays.

Tray dimensions: 397mm x 397mm

Cell dimensions: 32mm x 23mm x 45mm

Cell volume: 18cc

Cells per m2: 1217

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