Ellis CoirBuster

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Ellis CoirBuster

Ellis Coirbuster Industrial is a coir block feeder system that will reduce labour and provide a steady flow of material to keep the Coirbuster at maximum output. The patented design gently decompresses the blocks apart, causing minimum damage to the coir fibres.

Unlike hammer mills that use high rpm, the Coirbuster moves the block material in a figure of eight cycle that gently rubs itself apart. All material goes through a sizing screen (size determined by customer) to a 10 foot auger that moves material to the hydration auger. The material is ready for use at the discharge point.



Technical Specifications

  • 230V 3 phase draws 68 amps
  • Decompresses 1 pallet of coir 4 or 5:1 of 12x12x6 blocks in approximately 12 min
  • 20 foot x 14 inch hydration auger with 2 each 1inch water pipes with on/off valves
  • 230V 3-phase draws 22 amps
  • Coir block feeder unit will provide a steady flow of blocks to keep the Coirbuster at max output
  • 230V 3-phase motor on the chain conveyor draws 6.8 amps
  • 230V 3-phase motor on the levelling drum (16 in ø) draws 22 amps
  • Hydraulic lift gate 3 phase draws 6.8 amps
  • Total amps draw on system is 125.6 amps

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