Urbinati TR1800 Portable Soil Hopper

Urbinati TR1800

The Urbinati TR1800 is a portable bulk soil hopper, similar to the Demtec Den range but considerably smaller. The machine comes with both wheels and fork-lift slots that allow the machine to be moved around to supply soil to any other machine in the nursery as required. The TR1800 benefits from probes that start and stop the soil supply automatically.

The hopper has a capacity of 1100 L as standard but can be ordered with an extended hopper to accommodate 1600 L of soil. The extended hopper version comes with a drop-down side for ease of loading.

PRODUCTION Soil elevator with double chain up to 100L/min

Manual or automatic working with level control

4 wheels to move the soil elevator

Bottom belt with adjustable speed and sliding on rollers

INSTALLED POWER 1.5 3 PH 400 V 50/60 Hz
WEIGHT 320 kg
OPTIONS 1600 L hopper

Option with  door

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