Urbinati Vertical Bale Breaker

Urbinati Vertical Bale Breaker

Suitable for bales of peat: 1200 x 1200 x 2600mm

Key features that make the Urbinati VBB the best big bale breaker on the market are its small footprint and vertical scraping of peat. It has doors that close to keep the peat moist, even when not in use. A variable speed lift platform ensures the perfect amount of mix and particle size and there is an added safety interlock feature.

  • Automatic chain tensioners
  • Acoustic alarm for completed bale and automatic pallet lowering
  • Lifting platform controlled with frequency drive
  • Minimum damage of peat due to horizontal scraping
  • Bale is safely locked behind large doors eliminating dust and dr out during the rest periods
  • Optical sensor on output for an automatic control
  • Visual indicator locating the pallet during the lift
  • Improved output chute with PVC sock
  • Water unit mounted on outlet with 4 x Tjet nozzles, solenoid valve and filter
  • Power: 415V

So how does it work? A big bale is located on a pallet which is placed into the cabinet. The cabinet is made secure and the controls are set. The pallet within the cabinet will be raised and slowly measured by the reduction of compressed media scraped off by scraper blades positioned at the top and attached at each end to an endless set of chains. The process is controlled by the amount of media flow needed at the container filling facility. The process can be stopped instantly allowing part pallet loads if media needs to be changed.

These bale breaker machines allow customers to negotiate reduced freight rates for compressed media supply. The unit is fixed in a space saving upright position allowing a clearway around the unit.

PRODUCTION Adjustable up to 4 big bales per hour
MAX. BALE DIMENSIONS Mod. 2000 – 1200 x 1200 x h = 2000
Mod. 2400 – 1200 x 1200 x h = 2400
Mod. 2000 – 1200 x 1200 x h = 2900
WEIGHT 1500 kg
INSTALLED POWER 3 kW 3-phase 230 V/400 V 50/60 Hz
OPTIONS Watering system
Fertiliser dispenser
Reductions for euro pallet
Belt to supply two hoppers
Single phase 230 V – 3 kW
Conveyor extension for media discharger in PVC
Drive kit for fork lift

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