Demtec Evo2 Potting Machine

Demtec EVO2 Potting Machine

Demtec’s best potting machine yet, this filler should be the standard potting machine for everyone working with pots from 6 up to 27 cm. The machine is easily adjusted and is equipped with a full-automatic soil dosing system. The wide potting ring offers enough room for pots up to 27 cm, and is easily transported around the nursery thanks to pneumatic tyres. For the tree nursery, the machine has a soil hatch that releases substrate on to a rotating middle disc. A pouring edge can be made which is ideal for mulching (e.g. bark).

Improvements on previous model

  1. The chassis has two front air tyres, positioned wider, to improve stability. Two swiveling coasters on the back make the machine maneuverable. A detachable tow bar is optional.
  2. The tub and turntable has been adjusted for more stability in high speed settings (at 4200 pot/hour it still runs smoothly). The height of the tub has also been lowered for better ergonomics.
  3. More space created for the evacuation soil coming from the drill and the soil return system has been redesigned to help running the machine with specific soil compositions such as coco fibre soil and clay (for example) easier.
  4. The soil feed belt now has the flexibility to run backwards if something jams or if the grower wants to change the kind of soil. The automatic soil regulation system has a selector to place the settings of the system for small and big pots.
  5. The central adjustment system is a very important feature of the EVo2 where centre rods used to be able to work with a fixed drill position.
  6. The central switch box has been moved to improve accessibility and create more space for the pot feeding belt. Some instruments are now placed over the turntable on a pivoting arm.
  7. standard pot de-stacker will be the DTC2B pot de-stacker will be standard mounted on the front plate with a pivoting pot-feed belt. The pot ejector is equipped with a new safe guard, a bit like the Smart machine.

Technical Specifications

    • Pot size: 6cm to 27cm
    • Pot holders: 16
    • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation available
    • Drilling unit for holes up to 22cm
    • Variable capacity: 1200 to 4000 pots/h
    • 2000L soil hopper (can be enlarged to 3 m³)
    • Optional mechanical or pneumatic pot dispenser

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