Demtec PTF Pot Filler

Demtec PTF Pot Filler

It is incredibly difficult for staff to operate a conventional potting machine at 4000 pots per hour and it is not sustainable through a working day without major fatigue. The Demtec PTF Template Filler turns potting on it’s head by working smart. The PTF filler is currently being used for the effective filling of packs, punnets, flats, shuttle, marketing trays and pots. Staff only handle 600, 900, 1200 trays/per hour which is very achievable and sustainable throughout the day.

This machine fills pots automatically with media, when they are already inside  the tray. This saves labour considerably by reducing handling . The effective and ergonomic working method increases productivity by 20% compared with a potting machine operating at 4000 pots per hour (e.g. if you have a tray carrying 8 pots – at 600 trays/hour – production capacity would be 4800 pots per hour).

To further improve effectiveness, we offer automatic tray and pot dispensing systems to place pots in trays or punnets. After trays are filled, we can also automatically drill a hole in the centre of the pot to create a perfect hole where plants can be placed manually or automatically via a transplanting robot.

Demtec produce three models of template filler:

  • PTF 600 trays/hour
  • PTF-XL 900 trays/hour
  • PTF-XXL 1200 trays/hour

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