Demtec VDB Mobile Peat Supply Bunker

Demtec VDB

The Demtec VDB can be used as either a static or mobile peat supply bunker. This machine is incredibly useful as it allows any potting operation to continue uninterrupted without the risk of running out of potting media. The VDB is equipped with a heavy-duty cleated chain soil transport system. It’s ideal for growers using peat as the potting media. Growers using pinebark and coarse sand should use model Demtec Den 6 m³ which uses a full width conveyor in the base.

Because the VDB is designed with mobility in mind, the whole machine is constructed around a proper chassis. The heavy duty towing arm included, allows for easy connection to a tractor for towing to the potting location if need be. In Europe, some growers also use the VDB as a dual-use machine and utilise its high discharge in combination with a special discharge shoot for filling of advanced tree and shrub stock in containers above 30 L.

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