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What is ghvi?

Greenhouse vegetable information is a web site based in New Zealand.
It is maintained by John White Horticultural Consultants.
The web site contains greenhouse vegetable information for growers of any kind (commercial, home or for any purpose) and information on the principles and processes used in managing greenhouse crop production systems. To date the NFT (nutrient film technique), media (soilless culture) and nutrition  sections are included with more to be added in the near future. This web site will be continuously updated.

Click on the topics in the left hand bar for a detailed listing of the current contents of the web site.

John White has been involved in providing specialist extension and research services to the greenhouse industry in New Zealand since 1958. Between 1958 and 1981 he was employed by the Ministry of Agriculture in research and extension work and since 1981 has been providing private consulting services to growers in Australia and New Zealand. During these  years the greenhouse industry in NZ has changed greatly with many of the changes being responses to research, development and extension work led by John. The NZ greenhouse industry now uses some very high technology, but John's experience covers the whole gamut from older soil growing systems in unsophisticated greenhouses through to the present. This long experience has given a very good understanding of the practical problems and difficulties faced by growers, and is combined with a depth of knowledge of the science involved in growing greenhouse vegetables and managing greenhouse systems.

The greenhouse vegetable information presented in this web site has all been used by growers and is proven in practice by growers. The information provided is both practical and based on scientifically correct principles. It should have immediate value to growers in NZ and to other growers in any  country, with adaptations for local climates and conditions. Much of the information could be of interest and value to growers anywhere. All information items are dated, and where appropriate references to other literature is included.

This website presents greenhouse vegetable information that has most commonly been requested by new and existing growers using John's consulting services.

Consulting services are still available to anyone in New Zealand and Australia or anywhere by email. All of the information available and some of the services can be provided via the internet to clients anywhere. If you are interested or require more information on consulting services please send an email.
Contact Us

John White Horticultural Consultant

Greenhouse Crops and Greenhouse Technology

My Aim is to provide clients with the best information available to allow the to make the best possible technical and business decisions. I do not provide a management service for growers, I do provide the information which enables growers to make the most informed and best possible decisions.

Information can be supplied to the following types of clients:

Prospective growers who are considering starting a greenhouse operation from scratch or considering buying an existing greenhouse,

Inexperienced growers who are already running a greenhouse but need help,

Growers needing information and help to expand their operation by introducing new technology or crops,

Businesses that service the greenhouse industry.

Information can be provided on:

Greenhouse Technology including greenhouse design and selection, design, selection and installation of ventilation, heating, CO2 enrichment, irrigation and liquid feeding systems, fuel, power water and nutrient use estimates,

Greenhouse Crops practical, scientific, technical and cultural information on major greenhouse crops and science based and practical suggestions for developing new or unique greenhouse crops. This can include information on crop nutrition, disease and pest management, crop planning and budgetting.

Information can be supplied by Email and over the internet or by onsite visits and consultations.

Fees and Charges

My time based fees are $NZ100 per hour or a daily charge fee of $NZ500. These fees do not include goods and service tax (GST) which has to be added to charges for NZ based clients, GST is not payable by overseas clients.

Email and Internet -Prospective clients are welcome to send requests for information and advice by email. When I receive an enquiry I will draft a reply and then email you with the cost of the reply and a bill to paid via PayPal. If you are happy with the fee,and pay the account to Paypal, then the reply will be emailed to you.

Visiting and on site consultations may be necessary for major projects, either as a single initial visit followed by ongoing advice over the internet, or sometimes as a series of visits over several months or years. Visiting is expensive as the client(s) is charged for all my travel costs plus a fee for the time spent with client, and fees for time spent in my office later on preparing reports. There is no charge for travel time. Clients in Australia and in New Zealand have found visits and consultations worth the high cost. It is sometimes possible to combine visits to more than one client in a single itinerary thus reducing costs per client. Quotes for visits will be provided before any travel is commenced.

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