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The vertical grow rack is a multi-layer system that is easily applicable in both existing spaces and new spaces. The racks are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and can be supplied static or mobile.

The biggest advantage of the grow racks of KG Systems is that they are not produced in standard sections. This gives KG Systems the ability to adjust the width and length to the nearest millimeter. Also, the bottoms can be the full length of the racking without interruptions, allowing more canopy space.

The static growing racks are mounted with anchors to the concrete floor or ceiling. The mobile racks are fitted with galvanized rails that are mounted on the floor for moving. The mobile racks can also be supplied with a mechanical assist. This is used for long racks so that they can be moved easily.

In addition, the mobile racks are supplied with anti-tipping rails that prevent the racks from tipping over.

The grow racks can also be provided with walking grids which are robust, lightweight, and portable. This allows cultivators to access the crops quickly, efficiently, and most important – safely.

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