TechPlex 650W LED Grow Light | Full Spectrum Samsung LM301H



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The Techplex 650W LED Grow Light is designed for high performance and energy efficiency, suitable for various growers from hobbyists to commercial cultivators. It features a high output of up to 1860 μmol/s, passive cooling, and a 5-year warranty. The light is 32% more electricity efficient compared to traditional lights like HPS and includes Samsung LM301H LEDs with 3.1 μmol/J efficiency. Recommended for use with the Jungle Room 5×5 Grow Tent, it enhances airflow and ventilation. The light is IP65 rated for durability and complies with Australian industry standards.


Power (±5%)650W
System EffeciencyUp to 3.1 umol/J @230Vac
PPF OutputUp to 1860 umol/s
Power Input100-240Vac, 277Vac, 50-60Hz
Current Range6.4A @100Vac, 2.31A @277Vac
Isolation ClassClass I
Heat BTU Generated2182 BTU

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