TS-100 Vegetable Seedling Tray



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This tray grows larger seedlings for commercial vegetables or cut flower growers. The rootball is square and flat and will position correctly in open furrows or NFT systems. This is an exceptionally robust tray, it is stackable and suitable for any mechanical movement. All edges are smooth and suitable for manual handling when needed.

The base of cell options are;
(a) Web Base, with 14mm diameter centre drainage hole
(b) Blank Base, with 14mm diameter drainage hole
(c) Blank Base, with 5mm drainage hold

The TS-100 Vegetable seedling tray is suitable for most Hydroponic growing systems using granular growing substances. The rootball will sit flat in nutrient flow systems.


Tray Dimensions:383 x 383 x 55 mm
Cell Dimensions:36 x 36 x 55 mm
Cell Volume:73 cc
Plants per m2:674

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